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Developed by sleep behavior experts. Brought to you by the Makers of TYLENOL® PM

About My-Coach Sleep Workshop

The makers of TYLENOL® PM have partnered with sleep behavior experts to create My-Coach Sleep
It's a customized 5-week program that's designed to teach you how to get the rest your body needs. We'll help you discover what may be causing your sleeplessness, then give you personalized training and interactive tools that help you improve your sleep so you can wake up feeling more refreshed.

Our Sleep Workshop isn’t like anything you’ve tried before. Designed by experts in the fields of sleep, psychology and behavioral health, you’ll learn how to change bad sleep habits into good ones. Since everyone’s problems are different, the first step is to complete a questionnaire that is designed to help identify the root causes of your sleeplessness. We learn about your lifestyle at home and at work, how you feel during the day and what might be stressing you out. You’d be surprised at what might be disturbing your slumber. By looking at the bigger picture, we’re able to develop a custom program just for you.

This 5-week program provides you with a customized set of skills to help you get the sleep your body needs. Each skill includes personalized tips and action steps to help you build the skill. We’ll tackle subjects like your motivation to start sleeping better, what’s keeping you up at night, and what behaviors and patterns can lead to your tossing and turning. Some examples of skills you may gain from this program include:

  • Sleep scheduling
  • Stimulus control
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Relaxation and lifestyle

When all of these are addressed together, you’ll start to understand how catching more Zzz’s is a goal within reach.

We’ll cover the basics on the science of sleep. Throughout the Sleep Workshop, you can track your progress. You’ll log the quantity and quality of your sleep and energy to see how you’re doing throughout the 5-week workshop. We’ll give you videos with instructions for relaxation techniques and action steps to help you learn new behaviors.

About My-Coach Sleep Workshop

Without a good night’s rest, you can’t feel your best. Because we care about helping you get a better night’s sleep, you have exclusive access to the Sleep Workshop with specially marked packages of TYLENOL® PM. Thanks for learning a little about our Sleep Workshop. We hope you decide to sign up and take the first steps on the journey to a better night’s sleep.

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